Here is a list of all the Doom sourceports which supports the DHTP.
Find the sourceport you want to install it for, hit the download button and follow the installation instruction.




Updated: 20140616 | Size: 158.8 MB

How to use:
Place in “doomsday/snowberry/addons” and select in snowberry
place in “doomsday/data/jdoom/auto”
In the command line “-file” specifies additional files.
e.g. “-file /home/user/deng-dhtp-20100114.pk3″

To the website of Doomsday




Version: 20140616 | Size: 148.7 MB

How to use:
If you want to load it each time you play Doom you can put its name in the “Doom.Autoload” section of the gzdoom INI file.

To the website of GZDoom




Version: 20140616 | Size: 155.8 MB

How to use:

To the website of Risen3D




Version: 20140616 | Size: 148.7 MB

How to use:

Follow the directions here

To the website of ZDoom




Updated: 20140616 | Size: 158.8 MB

How to use:

Follow the directions here

To the website of Zandronum

Comments (32)

  1. Neil

    Good to know that this project is still being updated, will there be an update for the GZDoom engine also?

  2. PitersGriffing

    I found the answer in google, remove the topic pls.

  3. NightFright

    GZDoom users can actually use the Doomsday HRP file, it’s almost identical except for the “lightmaps” folder which isn’t needed in GZDoom. You can optionally delete that from the pack in that case, then you already have a version fully compatible to GZDoom.

  4. Cacodemon

    I tried to download the Doomsday pack, but I get an error:


    You don’t have permission to access /doomtextures/deng-dhtp-20111231.pk3 on this server.”

    Same for all other packs. Help?

    • What internet browser are you using? please make sure it’s updated to the latest version and make sure you are not blocking referals

  5. Dan

    So amm…..Im trying to launch Doomsday with the HIRES pack but I always get this error:

    Con_Init: Initializing the console.
    SW_Init: Startup message window opened.
    Executable: Version 1.8.6 Jan 8 2005 (DGL).
    Memory zone: 32.0 Mb.
    Parsing configuration files.
    W_Init: Init WADfiles.
    W_AddFile: Data\jDoom\DOOM2.WAD
    IWAD identification: 00f36acb
    W_AddFile: Data\Doomsday.wad
    W_AddFile: Data\jDoom\jDoom.wad
    IWAD identification: 00056533
    W_AddFile: deng-dhtp-20111231.pk3
    Parsing user.cfg.
    Reading definition file: Defs\Doomsday.ded
    Reading definition file: defs\jDoom\jDoom.ded
    Def_ReadDEDFile: Error in C:\Doomsday\Defs\jDoom\Auto\dhtp-shinmaps.ded:
    Line 6: Unknown label. (Flags)

  6. Agetian

    I’m trying to download DHTP but I keep getting the error “You don’t have permission to access /doomtextures/deng-dhtp-20111231.pk3 on this server.” I tried with the latest Firefox and Opera, it’s no go. What kind of permission do I need and how do I get one?.. :\

  7. armymen12002003

    excellent texture packs guys two thumbs way,way,up

  8. favorito

    Are there plans for a zDoom package, or is there a limitation of that source port that makes it impossible?

  9. Guys, any way to convert this pack to IWAD file (separate or replacement of original textures in DOOM.WAD) to cheat Doom 3 bfg edition into thinking that it uses original WAD, but enabling high res support?
    Also, why this pack have no characters, items and weapons? where i can find any complete pack of high res sprites for that?

  10. Samoth

    Good job there!, I don’t wan’t to add to work to the team, but, there will be any release for Skulltag/it’s mantained continuation, Zandronum?

  11. NightFright

    Nice to see a new release at long last. Great additions in general again.

    On the downside, many textures from the STARTAN set still don’t fit together. Good example is the E1M1 exit switch that apparently still uses an older (much darker) background while the surrounding textures appear much lighter in color. Hope to see such inconsistencies addressed in a future release.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Skrell

    Any idea why the new ZDOOM textures crash a mod like “Alien Vendetta”? I am using the Zandronum engine and the last pack worked fine no problems. It only crashes when i go to actually LOAD a map, however the game does start up. :(

  13. Slash004

    Brightmaps on the gzdooom pack???
    there is an custom texture brightmaps pack, but they are low res

  14. Empyre

    I want to start with saying that these textures look awesome!
    There are some texture mis-matches besides the ones with the startan set. MODWALL1 looks great, and SW1MOD1 (and SW2MOD1) looks great too, but they don’t look good together because they don’t match.
    Since MARBFAC4 is not hi-res yet, it doesn’t fit well with MARBGRAY.

  15. […] Doom Hi-res Texture Pack + Doom sprites HD (8x) version v03 […]

  16. Waffleiron64

    Will you make a version for zandronum?

    • Empyre

      What I was told to do, and it worked for me, is download the Doomsday version and put the flats folder and textures folder into the zandronum folder, so you will be creating a zandronum\flats folder and a zandronum\textures folder. Somewhere deep in Zandronum’s menu is an option to turn the hi-res textures off and on, but I think they default to on.

  17. Hectic

    Somehow, I actually like how these textures look in ZDoom (glad it supports them now). I, in a weird way, like how they look more in software rendering more than using OpenGL on GZDoom, with AA and AF, and stuff like that. No more Skulltag/Zandorum support?

    My only issues about this set are:

    1) Some textures are inconsistent.
    2) The sky textures from Doom are loaded on Doom II.
    3) There is still no burning city sky texture for Doom II.
    4) There is a weird thing about the sky texture in software rendered mode, unless I switch on “stretch short skies” (which I don’t like).

  18. Erik

    I’m trying to load the file for GZDoom, JUST downloaded GZDoom, but when I try to just put in the file name in the section of the config file, it removed the entry when I run the program. When I put a path= before it (like the ini file says to) I get an error, and it crashed. I try to run it at the command line with the -file switch, and it crashes the same way. What am I missing?


  19. Lethargic Chii

    Hey, your server isn’t letting people finish the download, I’d re-upload your pack for GzDoom, something has gone amiss. Unless your just out of bandwidth…

  20. Larz1695

    I did the Zandronum fix for the hi res textures but I get the wrong textures sometimes. Like the red switch gets replaced with a wall texture instead. This happens on DOOM 2. Is it because I have the BFG edition?

  21. Thank you for hosting these files! I really enjoy playing good old Doom with new high resolution textures :) Doomsday engine FTW!

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