Dhtp fix for doomsday

A fixed version of the Dhtp has been uploaded, this is to fix the problem of the dhtp replacing custom textures in pwads.

Zdoom pack updated

I have reuploaded the zdoom pack with a version that won’t crash zdoom

Reason for dhtp crashing in zdoom found

The texture brown1 is the texture that crashes plutonia when using zdoom, and gzdoom.

I will look more into why it’s crashing it. And in the near future there will be an updated release containing the fix.

*note this problem does not affect doomsday

A new release has arrived with a few changes

Sorry for the late release, the test pack i uploaded was a complete failure and I could not reupload a new one over christmas.

Get it from the Downloads section

Here are just a few of the updates

fixed cratop1,2
removed bigdoor6
new floor1_6
new skincut
new skinsymb
new skinmet
Over 25 new textures by Reinchard

Update to the copyrights/permissions

*)You MAY use Chilvence’s Textures and Flats for any use you see fit ONLY IF you give credit.
*)You MAY use KuriKai’s Textures and Flats for any use you see fit as ONLY IF you give credit.
*)You MAY use Freelanzer’s Textures and Flats for any use you see fit ONLY IF you credit him with Real name (Jacob Østergaard), email address(, and website (”.
*)You MAY use DaniJ’s Textures and Flats for any use you see fit.
*)You MAY use Reinchard’s Textures and Flats for any use you see fit ONLY IF you give credit.
*)For all other textures, you need to ask permission from the author to redistribute.

I have also made the build proccess easier for myself, and created a good way to know which textures belong where and what is still missing (thanks vermil)

Current port support

the pack currently only supports, doomsday, gzdoom, risen3d, and zdoom as other ports are not maintained anymore

10 days to go and a website refresh

10 days till the next release.

I’m working on getting it updated for as many DOOM engines as possible.

Also a new theme for the website has been applied.

14 days to go

New version is on the way

can you guess what this will be for? [update]

Now that I will be having much more spare time for a few months, I have started on the textures again.
It is a heavy wip and currently I think looks quite cartoony.


[Update 20120315]

Here is what it currently looks like.


rock04 wip

rock04 wip
Early WIP of rock04

We have a bug tracker

We now have a bug tracker so it’s easier for people to get involved in the DHTP even telling us what problems current textures have is helping to make the pack the best it can be.
You don’t even need to register to post a bug.

New DHTP released for the Doomsday Engine

Happy new Year everybody.
This release includes fixed up vine textures and pipewall, new skintek1 texture and fixed skintek2 texture, Better grass flats, a new stargr2 texture, and more

I’m also currently working on new skincut textures because the current ones in the pack are truly bad, and continuing with finishing the star* textures

Get it from the downloads page